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HS Phone Line Lockup!

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    far-end disconnect detection problem remains

    I have just given up on using HomeSeer as an external answering machine.

    I tried build 2040. Although many problems have been corrected since I first started trying to get this to work back in October, it is still not detecting far-end disconnects correctly. I am using a PCI Voice Modem V2. I even bought a second one and it behaves the same. I did not have problems with far-end disconnect detection using a Way-2-Call box on this line.

    In my open helpdesk ticket from October, I asked what type of far-end disconnect detection is in the hardware (battery reversal, fast-busy, dial-tone, etc.) I have not received a response. I did not get any specifications with the hardware when I purchased it.

    I do have software silence detection enabled as Rich informed me that the hardware is unreliable for this purpose (help desk ticket response). Sometimes a message will be recorded with no dead air on the end after the calls hangs up, but yet the phone line is not released. Thus is seems the detection worked, but the hardware wasn't controlled properly. Other times the message recording continues until the inactivity timeout.

    I have requested an RMA to return for a refund one of my PCI Voice Modem V2's. I will keep the other one in hopes I can use it for local voice recognition someday when I get time to do this. I've spent way too much time debugging the phone features of HS 2 and still can't use it.

    I just bought a professional Dialogic board that supports 4 phone lines and plan to use that for an answering machine and to forward voice mails. Since companies use this hardware in large automated call centers, surely it works... I will soon find out.