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    This message board!!

    They better do something with this board. This morning it wouldn't let me log in, but based on list on top I was already logged in (see picture). Also when I try to post something in "This message board" forum it wouldn't let me. After I click at "General Discussion" it shows that I'm really logged in, but when I go back to main screen I'm NOT logged in again.
    Besides those links to old threads still don't work. (You get login page that you can't pass)
    I do not know about rest of you but I'm getting a little frustrated with this board. Don't get me wrong, it has nice new features, but too many bugs. I'm also missing "your messages with new posts" link in "Find" menu. How did you guys go around it?



    Exactly the same thing is happening to me today! This is the first time i have managed to log on long enough to post a message.

    I guess its just intitial bugs and all


      If somebody still can't log in, try to swith to

      Instead regular

      It works for me so far!!


        Yep I was locked out since last night. Getting old fast.

        "The universal answer is 42."