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  • Microsoft's Concept Home

    Did anyone else see the article on Yahoo about Microsoft's automated home of the future?

    Story on Yahoo

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    Yea, Yea, Yea ... I've read articles like this for 30 years and we are still having to edit scripts to get the weather. I can only hope this stuff becomes more user friendly before I get to old to play.



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      You'll never get to old Rupp. Judging by the number of posts you have, you already half exist in electronic form.
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        <BLOCKQUOTE class="ip-ubbcode-quote"><font size="-1">quote:</font><HR>
        I'm not worried that these dreams of home automation won't come to pass -- I'm worried that they will.

        Demonstrations like Microsoft's are fun and thought-provoking, but the entire computer industry needs to do a much better job of making its products painless to use before it earns the right to spread from one desk to the rest of the home.
        By Rob Pegoraro
        Technology -

        So a technology guy of the washington post is afraid that home technology will come to pass. That pretty much sums it.....


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          I've toured the home. It's ok. I would be willing to bet that a good portion of the people on this board have homes that are more impressive than it. A good portion of the stuff is mocked up "demo-ware". It just looks like it does something, it doesn't actually do it. There are a couple of "interesting" pieces of hardware, but I don't really think they are practical. For example the microwave with the barcode reader to automatically set the cooking instructions for whatever it is you want to cook, or the "lamp" that changes colors and shows pictures in a weird unviewable way in the living room. The mood lighting in the living room is kind of neat but it uses LED lamps and each one is very expensive, but the ability to change colors is neat.

          The TTS sounded no better than HomeSeer out of the box, and the VR was terrible. I estimate that out of 50 commands (including repeats) it only recognized 5. The front door didn't work at all.

          I think that anybody who is knowledgable about HA would not be impressed. There are probably more impressive demos homes out there from smaller resellers and private individuals. From what I've heard about it, Bill's actual house is much more impressive.



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            For the money Bill spent on his house, you could rent a dozen blondes full time to take care of everything, and have perfect VR.

            Okay, maybe you need brunettes to get perfect VR, but my point remains the same. (flame protective barrier installed on monitor)
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              Yep, that's the same system I have in place for my automatic beer retrieval system. "Honey, will you get me another beer please?"

              But my thoughts on the concept home were, if you are building an R&D demo house extolling the virtues of home automation, and as the largest software company in the world, and if your chairman had already invested mega-bucks creating cool things in his own house, wouldn't you at least want to make sure that the VR in your demo house worked, or borrow a few things from your chairmans house? They only have a few people who give demos of the house, surely it can't be that hard/expensive for a company like MS to have decent VR? Just my $.02.



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                The Microsoft Syndrome: Big on concept, Poor on implementation.


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                  posted Wed, 31 March 2004 01:19 AM
                  For the money Bill spent on his house, you could rent a dozen blondes full time to take care of everything, and have perfect VR.

                  Okay, maybe you need brunettes to get perfect VR, but my point remains the same.

                  This busty french maid I hired doesn't understand jack, the TTS is poor, and the WAF is REALLY REALLY low.

                  But hey, everyone needs a hobby
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                    I was planning on visiting the Philips experimental home here in the Netherlands, but first I will visit the Home of the Future in Amsterdam. This is a cooperation of Philips (Electronics), Unilever (Foods and Personal care) and LogicaCMG (Software) and some minor contributors like Hewlett Packard and others.

                    Considdering the contributors, I am expecting something interesting, so I keep you posted after the visit.