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    Audio Streaming

    Hi All,

    I was wondering if anyone has a suggestion on an easy-to-implement audio streaming application. I would like to be able to listen while I'm offsite (work, etc.), not broadcast my tunes. I own all my CDs legally.



    Hi Jason,

    You might check out They have a free server that allows streaming of audio. Not sure if you want or need it integrated in HS but I have used it in the past and it works well. Be aware that running this type of service requires opening a port on you system and can make it open to hacking.

    Good luck


      You may want to look at StreamsicleI have been using it for about 4 or 5 years and it is very stable, easy to use and it's FREE.



        mcsMusic does it in two way. For the general case then SlimServer streams the MP3 media. SlimServer is free. The second way uses the Windows Media Player 9 on the client browser and the homeseer server delivers the mp3 files.


          If you are looking to listen to realtime audio, some webcam programs include audio. The p/t cam below is connected to a scanner, and the other feeds are from the tv. You could also listen to mics in the house and such if desired.

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            Thanks all for the tips. Vacation-at-home is next week (hopefully) so I plan on spending lots of time playing.

            Michael - it sounds like mcsMusic has some nice features - its hard to sort them all out. What I would like for music control is three things:

            1 - use a web-browser to control a player that plays music through the server's sound card connected to a stereo system. Ideally would pull track info and playlist info from a database.

            2 - stream music off of my site through a corporate proxy for listening at work (playing through WMP9 is fine)

            3- stream music off the server to an audrey. Should be either pulled from the audrey (on demand) or pushed at a set time (as an alarm).

            None of these things need to happen simultaneously.

            Can mcsMusic be configged to do this?


              1. Yes. The MP3/CD information is maintained in an open Access database.
              2. Yes if your corporate LAN will allow it and your WAN connection has adequate bandwidth.
              3. Expected. ThePod is stress testing the Audrey mp3 interface now. I think it can be done in either push or pull mode.

              They can all happen simultaneously and every one can be controlled from one or more browsers at the same time. This means you can DJ your music to multiple locations from a single browser screen.

              The playlist is the mechanism by which music is selected. The plugin has some basic auto-playlist generation capability and it has the ability to build playlists dynamically via a browser album picker format. Database search capabilites also exist, but I did not go very far with this. Sparkman introduced a nice search capability for it, but I never followed through. If you have other ways of making playlists then they can be used as well. The only requirement for mcsMusic is that playlist be of a m3u format and reside in the same folder as other playlists.

              The user interace to mcsMusic is the Now Playing browser format that was primarily designed by Jake. The WMP player, when embedded in the client's browser is not visible.