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Status of a device wirelessly? is it possible?

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    Status of a device wirelessly? is it possible?

    Got a question for all you experts. I run Homeseer (in conjuction with MainLobby) off my computer in my office, mainly to control a very comprehensive A/V system in my living room. I "offload" the IR signal using a 1623pc from and then transmit that IR signal wirelessly to my livingroom using "the little pyramids". (The pyramids send the IR signal via radio waves from the transmitter in the office to the receiver in the livingroom, and then the signal is converted back to IR.) It is very complicated but works, at least most of the time. If anyone has a better solution please let me know. I have been looking for an IR device to hook up to a wireless computer network, but have yet to find one. Global Cache might have one soon. AND NOW FOR THE REAL QUESTION. Is there any way for me to check the status of my T.V. or other device and have that status reported back to homeseer wirelessly??????



    Why do you need to know the status? Are you not using descrete IR codes?
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      A "relatively simple" solution:

      1) First, get a sensor that will indicate whether the device is on or not (may or may not be easy).
      2) Use either an MR26A or WGL800 receiver to pick up RF X10 signals. Personally, I'd use the WGL800.
      3) Get either wireless X10 motion detectors or door/window security devices. If you use security devices, you'll need to use a WGL800. If you use motion detectors, you'll need to hack them (see hacking motion sensor). The motion sensors will work with either WGL800 or MR26A (security motion sensors will only work with WGL800).

      Personally, I think the door/window sensors are much easier to work with (and they show up on sale a lot).

      Connect your sensor to the modified motion sensor or door/window sensor. On/off commands should show up in HS.


      Assume that you're working with the door/windows sensors. They have a single "switch" - when it's opened or closed, they send a signal.

      You can adapt a light sensor to this and trigger it when the power-on led of your A/V device is on.

      For something like a receiver which has auxialiary power, you can connect a 120V AC relay to this. The relay can close the switch on the door/window sensor. Or, you can plug a night-light into the aux-power and have that control a light sensor tied to the door/window sensor.

      You can also go the route of using current detectors. There have been numerous discussions of these on this board.

      The key to all of this is just to use the wireless X10 sensors to get the sensor information from wherever it is (e.g., your A/V room) back to the HS computer.