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    <BLOCKQUOTE class="ip-ubbcode-quote"><font size="-1">quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by Stace:
    In 'Real World' terms, what can homeseer do???

    I'm using HS and X10 to automate light control around my house. Some lights are on daily timers, and others are tied to motion sensors. This is just a start. I've been using X10 stuff for a couple months now, and it will support a lot more than what I'm currently doing.

    I've tried the voice control while sitting at the PC that runs HS. It's cool, but since I work on computers all day, I find typing and using the mouse for control is easier. I do have the text to speech function speaking info when events occur. I will hear the PC say "Outside lights on" or "motion in the garage" if I'm in the next room.

    I'm using a PIII 500 MHz notebook to run HS. It stays on all of the time, and also runs the DNS client that updates my Dynamic DNS service so my domains always point to my IP, even if the cable modem changes. I access HS and my Veo Wireless web cam from the road each week to check on my house and retired father who lives with me.

    I tried other software products after X10's Activehome sw proved to be unreliable. I liked HS the best. I also added a Smarthome Active Bridge Repeater into my dryer outlet to address signal issues between the phases of power in my house.

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      I started running Homeseer / Weather Station Software / Media Player on an old 700Mhz laptop with 198M mem for about 6 months, no real problem.

      The thing is as the system grows and the number of scripts / devices icreases, coupled with my bad coding, I felt a need to install a real 24x7 PC. This was as much about needing more IO ports, good sound card and faster network card rather than running out of power.