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Problem with one X10 receptacle

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    Problem with one X10 receptacle


    I am having trouble wih only one receptacle in the house. I use it to control my projector. It used to work just fine. I could use a palm pad to turn it on and off but now I can only turn it on. When I try to turn it off, HS sees it and send the off signal, which my coupler/repeater is seeing just fine. I can control every other device in my home theater room except this one SR227 Super Socket. All other Super Sockets operate just fine. I thought it was a bad Super socket, so I replaced it with a brand new one, but no luck. I then thought it could be a noise problem, so I flicked off all of the breakers in the home theater and tried it - no luck. I then thought it was other devices on the same circuit, so I unplugged every device on the same cicuit so that only the Super Socket was on the circuit, but still no go.

    I am at a loss now. I have no idea why this receptacle will turn on but not off. I even tried to turn off the receptacle device from HS itself, but nope.

    Has anyone seen this and if so, please help!!
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    If you plug another x10 modual into the bottom plug of the SR227 (always on) can you control both on and off to the pluged-in modual ?


      The projector is probably causing a lot of noise. Have you tried a filter on that plug. Better yet unplug the projector and any other electronics in that room/area and then try the wall socket.
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