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Merry Christmas & Thanks

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    Merry Christmas & Thanks

    Suzanne (My Partner) and I would like to wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a big thanks for all the support over the past year.

    Thanks especially to the HomeSeer Team, and more so to all who contribute to this BBS to help solve, OK sometimes create, the problems we have experienced.

    Merry Christmas
    A founder member of "The HA Pioneer Group" otherwise known as the "Old farts club!"

    Right back at you....Merry Christmas.

    A member of "The HA Pioneer Group", MyWebSite

    VWS, AB8SS, lrpSpeak, Calendar, Arduino, Harmony, BlueIris, Sprinklers, ZipBackup...

    Intel NUC8i7BEH1 running Windows 10 Pro headless, HS3 Pro, Plex running on Synology dual High Availability DS-1815+ NAS (24Tb each), Synology Surveillance Station running on DS-416 Slim (8Tb), Samsung SmartThings, Google Home, Alexa, Hubitat Elevation, ZNET, Ubiquiti UniFi Network, Davis Vantage Pro II Weather Station. Whole house speaker system using a couple of AB8SS switches. Vantage Pro II Weather Station, Rain8Net Sprinklers, Hubitat Elevation, Google Home, Alexa, DSC Security System, Ubiquiti UniFi Network.


      Yes endeed Merry CHRISTmas and happy new year to all the wonderful BB members and guests. Thanks for all the guidance and suggestions you guys have given me over the last year.

      Thanks to Rich, Rick, Karen, Geoff, and all of the HST staff for a great year and a wonderful new product.


        I raise my glass and give a toast to all the good folks at HST and on the BB who make this community so special! MERRY CHRISTMAS to all and to all a good night.


          Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all. Being a new user, I really appreciate all of the suggestions and help this year. Without the support from this board and HST, I would probably be really lost.

          Thanks for a wonderful year and a great product.

          By the way Rupp, thanks for the suggestion on 2040, I downloaded and installed it the other day. Been running great ever since. I really like the changes made to the updater.


            Merry Christmas to all,

            Thanks to everyone... too many to name

            Jack & Leslie
            Over The Hill
            What Hill?
            I Don't Remember Any Hill

            Virtualized Server 2k3 Ent X86 Guest on VMWare ESXi 4.1 with 3 SunRay thin clients as access points - HSPro - ZTroller - ACRF2 (3 WGL 800's) - iAutomate RFID - Ledam - MLHSPlugin - Ultra1wire - RainRelay8 - TI103 - Ultramon - WAF-AB8SS - jvESS (11 zones) - Bitwise Controls BC4 - with 745 Total Devices - 550 Events - 104 scripts - 78 ZWave devices - 42 X10 devices - 76 DS10a's 3 RFXSenors and 32 Motion Sensors


              Ditto all above to everyone above.
              Michael G