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What to backup in HS2

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    What to backup in HS2

    I have just configured HS ver 2040 from the full install and it has been stable for the past 3 days. This was on a clean install of XP pro, with all MS updates downloaded just prior to loading 2040.

    My question is I would like to do a backup of whatever application files, ini files, directories and whatever else is required to capture this configuration. I would do a backup after each change to the system and keep them all until the conversion process if finished. My goal is if I have a problem with a script or plug in, I can move back to the last version that was stable.

    Until I get everything moved over I do not plan on updating the ver of HS2.

    Does anyone have a list of wht is required to accomplish this?
    Thanks in advance for your help

    I have a script that does a backup and zips up the entire HS directory (modified backup script from the BB) to a secondary drive. I also have it make a backup of "My Documents" - which I have all the extra files/programs and stuff downloaded in order to make everything possible (including HS build versions), if I ever have to rebuild from scratch. Nice thing is that you have everything, and the zip has the time and date in the name.

    The best part is, if I ever have a total drive failure, I have a copy of everything. Reload the OS, load the latest version of HS, and unzip it upon itself. Put in the reg codes, reload the plugin's and everything will be back to normal.