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Freaky Side Effect of X10

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    Freaky Side Effect of X10

    So a couple days ago, my wife tells me that "the box on top of the entertainment center is making a strange noise when I turn the lights off the family room."

    I determined that she was talking about the IR543, but I was unable to come up with any reason why it would make noise. I assumed maybe it was going bad and I'd check it later.

    Well today I missed work because I wasn't feeling well... and got down to the family room to watch some TV. Afterwards, I clicked the SwitchLinc off and left the room -- but then I stopped suddenly. I heard a very strange noise. It was the noise my wife was referring to... and it was definitely not electrical noise.

    I turned the lights on. Nothing. I turned the lights off. Roooaaaarrrrr. Roaaaaarrr. What the hell?

    I turned the lights on... then off and walked to the center of the room. I finally found the noise source -- a wooden animal puzzle my daughter had received for the holidays. This animal puzzle is entirely made of wood but takes batteries and has tiny electrical connections on the pieces and on the main board that allow the animals to make their sounds when you connect them together.

    The puzzle was sitting on the floor approximately 1-2 feet from one electrical outlet and 3-4 feet from another. It was probably less than a foot from the nearest direct electrical wire within the wall.

    Some of the puzzle pieces were sitting in the incorrect orientation on top of the board so that they were not making a connection. Apparently, the X10 OFF command causes the correct amount of power dissipation and noise pattern to cause the sound circuit to believe it's got a connection and presto, the animal makes noise.

    After about 5 minutes of continual laughing (kinda like the hyena), I thought I'd come up here and post about it.

    Anyone else experience any funny side effects of X10? This one is for the record books in my house.


    Now that's funny !!!

    It's too far from April Fools Day - So that can't be it.
    Ghost's Maybe - Haunted House - No, That is Halloween.....

    Maybe it is just Santa trying to get even for all the automation in the house when he came down the chimney.

    I am still chuckling over your unfortunate events. Kids toys can make the wierdest noises when you are not expecting them.