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Aol DSL is having major Problems on my end

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  • Aol DSL is having major Problems on my end

    The past few days my pppoe connection has been horrible. I have aol dsl. I have to put in my aol screenname and password through pppoe to connect, and then I have a constant connection. Lately, I get an error "pppoe negotioation fail", and then it will come back on 10 minutes later. This morning it seems to stay connected better, but I have another problem. I can no longer access my pc from outside my home! This is terrible! I can't get to homeseer! I am running no-ip tp get my ip address. I know it is working, because when I ping from another computer outside my home, I get the correct ip from no-ip, but it just times out every time. When I ping from inside my home at another computer, it works. So somehow the linksys bfsr41 router is acting as a firewall. I even put the pc in the dmz, and it still wouldn't ping. I don't know what to do. The only thing I did differently recently to try was to run no-ip as a service. I stopped this however, and went back to loading it at startup. Could that have done something? I doubt it. I am not running any other firewalls, and I don't have the built in xp firewall on. I don't know what else to do.

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    Is AOL the only DSL available in your area. I have heard nothing but bad reports on this service and more than likely you can get another DSL service.


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      If your problems are PPPOE or modem synch related, etc., then it's the local POP which may well be the incumbent regional bell operating company (RBOC) such as SBC. AOL and several other retailers would all use the same POP and of course rebrand the service. In most markets there's only one or two DSL equipment operators.

      Your issue of accessing from the Internet is perhaps your router setup versus a possibly changing IP address. A ping from the Internet would be handled by the Linksys. Some dastardly DSL operators block ports and so on in the DSL modem. In general, PPPOE is a pain in the butt - not used on cable modems.

      The original idea of DSL was that several operators (competitive local exchange providers, or CLECs) would build and operate DSL equipment. The FCC mandated that the RBOCs give the CLECs access to the copper wire to the homes. But the RBOCs stonewalled the CLECs for DSL (and voice) so badly that the CLECs all went chapter 13.

      Cable Modem if you have it in your area is my recommendation - mine's 5X faster than DSL and has been very reliable. However, cable modem service can be more expensive. Have to look beyond the first 6 month subsidized rates these guys promote.


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        I just can't understand how my router and modem could work for months on end with no problems, and then, all of a sudden, stop! My modem is not the problem. It is either the router or the pppoe. I think it is the pppoe, because even when I hook the modem directly to the computer using pppoe in xp, it still goes out every so often. However, if I connect without pppoe, it is fine, but that method is not practical, as I have a network. If I do it that way, I have to log on to aol every time I want the internet. Maybe I did something to the router. I have a linksys bfsr31. Is anyone familiar with this router? What settings do I need to be able to access my pc and homeseer remotely? I have homseer on port 81, and I use VNC which used port 5800 and 5900. I disabled block wan request, and i can ping my router remotley, but if I telnet in to a specific port, it says the port cannot be opened. Maybe when I reset the router I forgot one of the settings. If anyone knows the correct settings, I would really appreciate it. I am lost without my homeseer! Thanks.


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          The IT firm I work for rebrands DSL. If it gives you any idea of how wonderful DSL performs and how reliable it is all the engineers who work on it and take care of customers who have it use cable modems at home even though it costs them more. I think that alone should be a ringing endorsement for cable over DSL.
          As for your problem, just remember to forward the needed ports to the specific machines that are running HS and VNc. Now for the PPPOE, I don't really know as the DSL we do doesn't mess with that stuff. We give the customer routers static IP's and let it run from there.


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            I had a befsr41 that died for no apparent reason. Still had lights and such, but found that it wouldn't reset. Called the cable provider and ran through all the usual stuff until I noticed that the light pattern on it wasn't quite right.
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