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Solving Odor problems

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  • Solving Odor problems

    Fresh2 has a new Flourecent lightbuld that is coated with titanium dioxide. Titanium dioxide reacts with flourecent light to create a strong oxidizer.

    The bulb is rated at 23watts yet provides the amount of light of a 100watt incodecent bulb. According to their website it will break down odors for 3 years.

    I think this is a great way to eliminate that noisy fan in the bathroom. If anyone has tried this or is going to try it let me know how it performs. I may buy one but its $19.99 price tag for 2 bulbs and its rather ugly look is keeping my from making the jump.

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    If the light bulb itself last for three years $19.99 might not be a bad price...if it works. It does have a 90 day guarantee.

    Keep us updated if you order some.



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      I have been researching this type of solution for years. Here is a quick reference I found, but there are more technical documents available as well. (Look at the part that relates to ozone.)

      Ozone generators (black lights etc. have been used in cold storage since the '20s to increase the longivity of eggs, vegetables and so on. You can also use it for thinks like tenderizing meat! But this is another subject altogether.


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        Would any of you know if this type of bulb could be controlled with standard Lamp Modules or Lamp Switches?


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          You cant use a dimmer with it because its flourecent and requires the full 110Vac. You can use a relay module with it.


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            For it to work in the bathroom you would have to change the light fixture to one that is open to the air !!!


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              Wow, just mount a couple of those babies on the top of the toilet tank. Find a good odor sensor and have HS turn on the 'stink bulbs' and fan automatically. Now that is WAF building HA!

              "Danger Will Robinson, an invading alien odor has been detected..."