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    OT Cordless cell phones + Cellular

    Motorola is now offering an interesting capability on thier SD4500 line of cordless phones. In addition to cordless handsets that require no phone jack, they now provide a cellular dock for most of the Motorola cell phones. The network can have 8 devices being any combination of handets, cellular docks, or ??? with a maximum of 8 devices. The cellular dock is also a charger.

    When a cellular call is received by the cell phone, all cordless phones ring, call waiting operates but only on the handset windows. Pick up any cordless phone and "connect" to the cell phone to talk. When making outgoing calls, you choose the cell phone (if there are more than one you pick the specific one) or the landline (or VoiP line). Since I dock my cell phone in its charger when I come home seems a natural to me.

    The negatives I see are (1) they do not allow for an external Antenna for the cell phone, (2) The system is 2.4 ghz based, but they claim no problem with Wi-Fi.

    A base station +4 additional handsets + one cellular dock runs about $370 BSP (Best Street Price) after rebate.

    Has any one tried one of these setups?

    I am seriously thinking of going with Vonage as my Telco with a minimal cost backup land line (FAX plus Alarm Monitor). If My ISP is down Vonage will transfer an incoming call to any number I designate (e.g. my cell phone) and with the motorola network I will not see a difference.

    I have been looking at simliar solutions for some time, but immediately ruled out the Motorola solution, since it only works with certain Motorola phones. I would rather have something more universal. In addition, I already have a brand new Panasonic cordless system I love. I also have regular wall phones in various places around the house.

    So, after a ton of research, I've decided to buy this:

    Pantheon Voice

    It's bluetooth, doesn't require any special phone, and still allows you to both make and receive calls from the landline and mobile (you can choose on outgoing calls). It also lets you conference the landline and mobile together, access your mobile's phonebook, etc. It even supports multiple linked mobile phones.


      Due to the handset's low power Bluetooth, wouldn't the range be just 6 ft or so (unlike a cordless phone)?


        It's long range bluetooth, so up to 30 ft.

        But that doesn't matter... it's just a box that plugs into your home's phone wiring. From that point, any standard or cordless phone can be used with it.



          Can you post a link to the Motorola solution?



            The last discussion was that they would be coming out with the SD line at 5.8 Ghz and suggested not to use the 2.4G if you have extensive Wi-Fi, although I have seen mixed statements on this.


              Any way to get a Bluetooth capable cell phone for less than $150, given I don't want to switch from Verizon to another?