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recommendation for sound card with Win 2003 server

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    recommendation for sound card with Win 2003 server

    I have been looking at the m-audio sound cards, but none of the specs say that they work work windows 2003. Does anyone know if them m-audio sound cards work with win 2003, or better yet, does anyone have any recommendations for a sound card for win 2003 server.



    I don't know for sure but the M-Audio should work in 2003 server, But I think your best is to use a soundblaster live card.

    Do a search on the board under M-Audio,

    I can tell you that my M-Audio 1010lt does not work very well or some times not at all for VR when using it with HS2 and the higher builds under XP

    Iam now using two sound card SoundBlaster live for VR and M-Audio 1010lt for TTS and playing MP3s


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      If I'm not mistaken I have recently read where 2 users have had problems with this card on Win2K3 and using HS and VR. You can't go wrong with Sound Blaster sound cards in general.
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