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Noob - HAI Tstat Question

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    Noob - HAI Tstat Question

    Hi Folks.

    New to HS. Currently have the trial and am trying to communicate with my tstats.

    Anyhow, I set up a new device. No problem. Through the status screen, I can turn the unit on or off, amongst other operations.

    But, I keep getting Script Errors, the HOLD function does not seem to function, It keeps saying "trying to open com 2" And various timeouts, etc.

    Question 1: Am I doing something wrong?

    Question 2: How do I go about recieving information from the stat? Where would I look to find the temp of the stat?

    I also have DSC communicating stats (Should be the same as enerstat). Anyhow, Looks like I may need an RS232 -> RS485 adaptor........ Does this seem correct?

    Thanks in advance!