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Dumb Perl scripting question and Touchpad

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    Dumb Perl scripting question and Touchpad

    Greeting, is what I am trying to do. Right now I am using Touchpad in "Frames" so I can hardlink some ASP and CGI scripts from HS and some from outside on my other server. In this case one link loads the webcams on Whistler Ski mountain, another displays the road conditions etc etc.

    I am using perl to retrieve the problem there.

    What I would like to do is incorporate these scripts into HS as "Events"...thereby removing the "Frames" requirement I currently have for putting these extra functions in.

    When I create an "Event" called "Ski Cam" (For example) and attach the same perl script described above...nothing shows on the screen. It's as if the "print qq~" command no longer functions.

    Is there a "$hs->Display" function or something like that so the images and webpage data will show up on the screen along with the menu buttons like any other event?

    I must be missing something really obvious here.



    Unless you're explicitly redirecting the filehandle, Perl is going to write to STDOUT by default. If the script isn't running under the context of the web server then STDOUT is directed to the console.