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Need feedback on the Logitech Harmony 680 remote

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    I agree that the 880 has alot of capability and does have the feel of a quality product. It will be just the ticket for many.

    In my case I did not find it very usable and its features actaully detracted from its acceptance. What was important to me was the ease of use of the PVR functions to FF through commercials and the guide selection controls. The guide could be learned by feel eventually, but it was not prominent. The select/up/down/right/left were all well position for natural use. The FF and Play buttons on the 880 are placed low on the remote and are small. This made is almost impossible to use single handedly use them and could not be used without actually looking at the remote. The same was true of the LCD screen. The graphics to show the activities are hard to read and requires use of glasses in my case. In my wife's case she would press the button to Watch TV and during the time the TV video was warming up she would press it again. The second press was no longer the Activity button, but the Harmony had reconfigured the soft key to be an extended features of the TV which enabled a PIP mode that caused the second video source to be selected. The screen remained blank since there was no video on the second input. The need to keep the remote in the cradle was also not a natural lifestyle activity. While we could be trained to use the Harmony, I opted to train another remote instead.

    My AV switching is done via RS232 so I have no alternative but to make the PC part of my configuration process. Once the step is taken to have the PC switch the A/V based upon recognized IR, then it is just as easy to have the PC switch all the equipment so my remote only needs to be programmed with a few macro buttons to correspond to the "Activities", volume, guide, and nav buttons.

    A nice feature of the Harmony is abilty to remember the state of equipment. This works well if only the single Harmony remote is used to control it. When equipment is shared and matrixed switched to multiple outputs then the single-remote is out of sync with other sources of control and usability goes way down.

    I again say the 880 was a fine well engineered remote and will satisfy the needs of many users. It just did not fit the bill for me.



      I bougth the Harmony 676 for my parents in february 2005. I was tired of explaining again and again what to do to watch a DVD, record a show,...

      My parents are in thier 60's and never learned to programme the VCR!!! I spent an afternoon at there house programming thier tv, DVD player, VHS and Illico digital TV.

      I could have done it in less then an hour if they had a fast internet connection. They don't have a computer so i had to bring mine and use a slow telephone connection.

      They don't know how much i paid for this. They only ask why i didn't have one myself? If only i had more money ;-)

      One thing that's still holding me to buy one: I wish the remote could know what HS is doing. Like if the receiver is turn on by HS. I'm afraid that i would have to use the help button too often.


        Some of the smaller buttons are what drove me to the 628 which is nearly identical to the 659 but the VCR controls where moved to the mid section of the remote. So far I really like the feel and simplicity of this model.


          I've had the 659 for 3 years now, and my only gripe is the location of the "VCR" control buttons (I don't have a VCR, but I do have a DVR). That's why I recommended the 688 for my parents instead.

          But I love, love, love my Harmony. I can't believe that people still go through the remote juggling game to use their home electronics.


            Well, all I can say is the Harmony 880 remote is simply amazing!!!

            There is no other word for it. It does everything for all 6 of my home theater components. I could not be happier with it.

            If you are in need of a universal remote, GET ONE OF THESE!

            You will not regret it.
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