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devices turning off for no obvious reason

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    devices turning off for no obvious reason

    In the past day or two, a number of my devices have started turning themselves off after approx 6 minutes. They only get turned off "logically" in HomeSeer, HS does not transmit X-10 to actually turn them off. But now HS is out of sync with reality and my expected behaviour and other ugly things start happening.

    Can anybody explain what might have caused J2 and L2 to turn off at 10:26:02 PM? I turned them on via the web client at 10:20:07. This happened even if I use the HS Tools option to "disable all events".

    From ah.log (with debug set to 31):
    4/10/2004 10:25:17 PM~!~DEBUG~!~Script done: rc100.thm->SupportsCoolSetPoint Timer: 80717.26
    4/10/2004 10:26:02 PM~!~DEBUG~!~Status/Value change: L2 Old status: On New status: Off Old val: 100 New val: 0
    4/10/2004 10:26:02 PM~!~DEBUG~!~Status/Value change: J2 Old status: On New status: Off Old val: 100 New val: 0
    4/10/2004 10:26:17 PM~!~DEBUG~!~Running script: rc100.thm Timer: 80777.29

    from hstrace.log:
    4/10/2004 10:26:01 PM:80761.81: Exit HandleTimeChange
    4/10/2004 10:26:02 PM:80762.63: Enter SetDeviceStatus->Device: L2 Status: 3
    4/10/2004 10:26:02 PM:80762.63: Enter UpdateDeviceStatus->Device: L2
    4/10/2004 10:26:02 PM:80762.63: Exit UpdateDeviceStatus->Device: L2
    4/10/2004 10:26:02 PM:80762.63: Enter CommitDeviceStatus->Device: L2
    4/10/2004 10:26:02 PM:80762.65: WriteMon: DEBUG->Status/Value change: L2 Old status: On New status: Off Old val: 100 New val: 0
    4/10/2004 10:26:02 PM:80762.65: SetLogEvent->Calling plugin: UltraLog
    4/10/2004 10:26:02 PM:80762.66: SetStatusChange->Calling plugin: CommAndTimer
    4/10/2004 10:26:02 PM:80762.69: Enter CheckTriggerStatusChange->Device: L2
    4/10/2004 10:26:02 PM:80762.72: Enter CheckConditions->event: Somebody is Home - Yes

    I'm not going to be much help but that rc100.thm looks like a thermostat script. Do you use that? If not you may want to remove it and see if that makes any differance.


      Maybe check the rc100.thm script. I know my thermostat came preprogrammed to house code "J". That could be ssetting the status of the devices.


        What plugins do you have installed? Disabling events doesn't disable plugin processing.



          My rc100.thm is for a serial Thermostat, I am setup on housecode T and that script hasn't changed in a couple months. It appears that the changes happen between the script running every minute, not while it is actually running.

          For plugins, I have:
          ... all of these are probably at the the latest release or betas

          I know it affects L14, L2, J2, D4, G5, G1... both lamp modules and appliance modules. None of which would have the same scripts or plugins controlling them. But two phantom devices I created earlier today do not have the problem and stayed on.

          It bothers me that there is not a way to see who or what is actually changing the status's. I hate to randomly delete devices or events and hope something fixes it. That is crappy troubleshooting technique. I opened a trouble ticket on this also, so hopefully on Monday I can get some advice from the staff experts.


            This now seems to be an mcsMovement issue, so I have started a new thread over there.


            Thanks for the help guys.