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testing for failed phase bridge - how?

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    testing for failed phase bridge - how?

    shortly before the holidays, my outdoor fountains and a lamp quit responding to the CM11A I use. They do respond to my Palm Pad and it's RF to powerline controller.

    Though I haven't studied my breaker panel to see if the fountains, lamp and palm pad controller are all on the same phase, I wonder if this is a failed phase bridge? I installed one a couple of weeks before the problems started. That bridge replaced a simple capacitor I had been using. I really didn't notice much difference.

    I'm also getting more power line noise and frequent false-OFF to modules than normal. Maybe all the Christmas lights in my neighborhood? I doubt it.

    My condo has no 220V outlets or appliances.

    Oh how I dislike X10's LOUSY reliablity.
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    In a condo environment if any of your neighbors that are on the same power company feed as you, added any type of noise generating devices, you could be affected. It is a little different with houses because each has its own drop and noise is attenuated with distance. Depending on how the meter panel/your main panel is setup Leviton(4851) and X10(4851X) make a "whole house coupler" availale thru Smarthome. You have to be able to add a couple breakers (one each phase) and you have to have access to the neutral from the meter. It might be worth checking out. Technically they are designed to block outside X10 traffic from entering the home, but when you have noise in the x10 range, it is considered x10 traffic, just not the traffic you want. It also acts as a passive bridge
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      In a group of 4 condos, each has a subpanel with breakers. Each subpanel runs to a distant central place where the meters are located. Here, it goes to the utility company's underground transformer. The service drops to each condo are about the same length as a drop to a single family residence, but on the service side of the meter in my case.

      At this stage, I'm trying to determine if I have (a) a failed phase coupler in my breaker panel (I put that in) or (b) if I have noise generated by something in my home, or (c) if there is noise, if it's externally produced.

      I guess I need an X10 signal strength meter to deal with (a).

      Coping with X10 is too time-consuming.