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CM15A support in Homeseer?

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    CM15A support in Homeseer?

    I am currently using Homeseer 1.7 and an older CM11A interface, but I experience a lot of difficulty, dead spots, etc, and like the idea of using a CM15A to pass signals to other transceivers, etc. Does Homeseer have any plans to support the CM15A any time soon? Basically that is the deciding factor for me in upgrading to HS 2...

    Welcome to the HomeSeer board, Beasley.

    I tried to go there. I burnt out trying to do that.

    It was very difficult to implement. The main limitation is that you can only have one transceiver for each house-code. If you try to use more, even on different phases, the X10 powerline transmissions collide (each transceiver operates asynchronously), and turns on/off some other random device.

    So you need to partition your home into physical areas, each on a different housecode. But the geography of these partitions are based on the different circuits coming from the fusebox, not on the physical rooms in the house. I ended up having to determine the circuit breaker for each outlet and wall switch in the house, and then assigning a housecode per breaker.

    I then ran into the problem that some circuits were only for lighting, and had no outlet to plug a transceiver into. That's where I gave up.

    Because of these difficulties, the recent availability of better protocols, and the lack of a programming specification for the CM15A, I doubt if HomeSeer will ever support the CM15A.



      X10 Operates In A Vacuum With There Firmware !!!