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Anybody using a Mac?

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    Anybody using a Mac?

    I'm curious if anybody might be using a Mac and running HS via Virtual PC? I know it might not be an "optimal" configuration, but my PC is dying, and I have access to some "spare" Mac hardware that I think would do the job. I'm hoping to find out if anybody out there has tried, and whether the attempt was successful or not.



    Hello Dave,

    Given the HS/2 stability problems (ah, I mean enhancements) in Windows XP environments, I wouldn't recommend trying it in any other OS.

    Just my two cents,

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      when Apple OSX is supported on AMD/Intel platforms (2006?) I may switch. I am sick of the XP viruses.

      But then if Apples gains any market share, the no-gooders will attack it too. BSD Unix was written by students and I doubt they paid much attention to security and odd error conditions.


        I use all MACs, except for the HomeSeer machine. I deal with all the stupid PC problems on that machine, but don't use it for mail or web, so its pretty isolated. I don't think running HomeSeer on a MAC is a good idea, unless it is a very modern powerful MAC, as it will be too slow, and if you were running it on a new MAC, why would you want o do that?

        You can buy older PCs for next to nothing nowadays. Even new ones are only a few hundred dollars if you don't include the monitor which you already have.


          I have been using Mac's since 1986, and never looked back... and with the OSX operating system, well I can't say enough good about it (certainly my opinion... and to each his own). I have 7 Mac's and 3 PC's. I have tried many incarnations of Virtual PC for the Mac and it has always been a bit buggy, even on the fastest of Mac's. You especially don't want to use it for any processor heavy tasks or for mission/performance critical applications such as HS. Emulation is a tough thing and the reliability just isn't there... though with Apple's move to Intel you'll soon be able to have a dual boot machine.