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Serial Port Extension (for IR receiver)

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  • Serial Port Extension (for IR receiver)

    I have moved my homeseer server into my wiring cupboard, now I need to extend the cable on my IRMAN to place it back in the AV cabinet. I have a spare 6 core cable already installed I could use. I do not want to cut the plug off. And the case has no screws so I can not look inside.

    Which pins do I need for this IR receiver?

    1 DCD Data Carrier Detect
    2 RD Receive Data
    3 TD Transmit Data
    4 DTR Data Terminal Ready
    5 SG Signal Ground
    6 DSR Data Set Ready
    7 RTS Request to Send
    8 CTS Clear to Send
    9 Ring Ring Indicator

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    Here the pin out according to the FAQ on the manufacters website...

    Q: What cable can I use to connect Irman?
    A: Please use a straight-through serial cable (not a null modem one). The cable can be very long, distances of 20 meters (66 ft.) have been reached. If you make your own cable you need one with 5 different wires on pin 2,3,4,5 en 7.


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      Thankyou just the info I needed

      I did not think to look on the website

      Tim Warner