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*&#!$#$ DNS2GO - Please Help!!!

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    *&#!$#$ DNS2GO - Please Help!!!

    Hi All,

    Without an email or an entry in my D2G client log of warning, I was disconnected from their service, apparently my subscription expired.

    I now have 12 domains down.

    They disconnected me after hours - there is nobody answering the phones or fulfilling orders. I have placed two orders to get my account renewed but apparently I need a new key to get this going - it doesn't upgrade my old key and automatically restore the client.

    Not to mention that services that used to cost $19.95 are now $44.95.

    Can anyone recommend an alternate service I can swap my domains to immediately for approximately the same price?


    P.S. Real professional, nice going guys.

    I use DNS2GO and they have always notified me by email that it was about to expire...but others have used NO-IP successfully - and it's free. If you use the dialer of DNS2Go you will find NO-IP different, but if not, it should be simple to change over. Here's a site for the download....


      If you use any kind of spam filter, that might be the reason you didn't get a notice. Their notification email address usually starts with sales@ which might trigger a filter.
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        I use, first 5 domains are free, not sure what the price is after that.


          I use Dynamic Network Services (aka DynDNS) to take care of my various sites.... they have yet to drop the ball and let me down.

          The prices aren't too bad... for a custom DNS solution ( it's $25 a year.

          Best of luck,



            I have used DNS2GO for a long time. But months ago they too plugged the plug without warning. They offered some lame excuse about not having my contact information and email address correct. They reinstaed the service within minutes of my phone call though. So I'm still with them. I need to check my expiration date.

            Their servers seem to be very reliable.
            I recall paying $10/yr for one domain.

            However, comma, my cable modem assigned IP address has only changed once in 2 years.


              I use zoneedit too, I think it's one of the best free services available on the web, check it out.
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                DNS2GO's comment:

                Hello Steve,
                The expiration date can be found in the Online Account Manager:

                Select the Account Info link from the top menu.

                We do send notifications when the account is about to expire. The first notification is sent 15 days before the account expires. There is also a notification sent 3 days before the account expires. The notifications are sent to the email address the account is registered under.

                Thank you
                Christian Nelson