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Problem with shutdown

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    Problem with shutdown

    I am having an issue with system shutdown. It just hangs after

    1/8/2006 3:52:19 PM - Info - Application shutdown at 1/8/2006 3:52:19 PM

    Appears in the log file. Then I have to stop and restart the process. Then when I restart, it tells me that the system was not shut down correctly. I have the MCE, Media Center, and Insteon patches installed.



    This generally happens when a plugin is in a invalid state and HS can't shut it down. I would suggest removing all your plugins and adding them back one by one. Seeing if you can isolate which one may be causing the problem. What plugins are you running?
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      Try shutting down by right-clicking the HomeSeer icon in the system tray and then clicking Exit. I used to have all kinds of "hung" shutdowns that I would have to end process on and same as you, receive the not shutdown correctly log entry whenever I tried to close or exit from the main HomeSeer application. Closing from the system tray icon for some reason always works. When I first noticed shutdown problems, the builds were in their early teens, I have not tried closing other ways since so maybe the problems do not exist anymore - but try this alternative method and see if its any better.