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X10 and noise - quit working after years

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    X10 and noise - quit working after years

    On the quest as to why my home has in the last few weeks become X10-hell.

    1. New PC
    2. Possible noise source external to house.

    Confirmed: New PC is the cause of no-AM-radio reception on certain stations on the car radio as we pull into the garage. This is a 2.4GHz AMD on an ECS motherboard. Don't know if it's a lousy motherboard design or a power supply issue. I disconnected all cables while it was running - RF is not conducted out these; it must be on the AC line or radiated.

    2. With PC totally disconnected, AC outlets back to as-was, X10 still doesn't work reliably. Troubleshooting continues.

    I'm about out of patience with X10.