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    Volume Controls

    I think I want to add Impedence Matching Volume controls in a couple of my basement rooms. I have 8 speakers and 4 rooms.

    Cardroom/Tv area: 3 speakers
    Pool/ping pong area: 3 speakers
    Kids playroom: 1 speaker
    Den: 1 speaker

    Now I WAS going to homerun wire from each of these speakers back to my wiring closet to hook into the amp. But how do I include volume controls? If I put a volume control in the Cardroom/Tv area, do I run a wire from each of the 3 speakers to this volume control, and then 1 wire from the volume control back to the amp/wiring closet?

    I feel dumb, but what is the difference between wiring speakers in parallel or in series?


    Originally posted by rknuppel
    I feel dumb, but what is the difference between wiring speakers in parallel or in series?
    This should help answer your question: Series vs. Parallel Wiring

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      Good article. Assume your speakers are the standard 8 ohms. If you have a monaural amp, it'll be a mess trying to individualy control each room with inline volume controls because to achive that impedance, you'll need a complex combination of series and paralell connections to get that 8 ohms. It won't be much better with a stereo amp. In either case, the volume pads won't give you the control you want anyway, because the speakers will seem to be one or two speakers when wired for 8 ohms and changing one volume setting in any room will affect all of them.

      2 options.
      a. A seperate amp for each room. For the rooms with 3 speakers, wire 2 in parallel and the 3rd in series with them. 2 in parallel will give you 4 ohms and adding the 3rd to them in series will give you 8 ohms for the 3. The room with the single speakers take care of themselves.
      b. The easy way.
      This is what I did. I know, no local room control but it works rock-solid and you won't kill your amp.

      ALWAYS do home runs. Technology changes and gets cheaper. I'd call to check but I THINK you can parallel-connect the rooms with 3 speakers. However, I would still connect 2 in parallel and series the 3rd in for 8 ohms. It's simple. Please advise if you need a pic.
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        Thanks for the messages. Unfortunately I really need local volume control for the rooms. The WAF will be way down without that. So you don't think it will work to run my 3 speaker room with 2 in parallel and 1 in series from my local volume control. then the volume control back to the amp? I'm not sure I understand why the volume control wouldn't work.


          How many speaker outputs does your amp have? Is it stereo?


            I have this little thing:


            So it does have multiple speaker outputs.


              not doing stereo ? look into 70v sound distribution

              this is what many commercial systems use for background music and PA

              here's a link to a basic description . . .


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