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X10 offering Free Lola Kit

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  • X10 offering Free Lola Kit

    I don't care much for the software, but you get a unverisal remote and USB tranceiver!!! All free just pay for shipping ($5.90).

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    From comp home automation:

    Once I realized that the X10 Lola remote was just a re-packaged ATI
    Remote Wonder, there were all sorts of plugins available. I wound up
    using this one for IRAssistant.

    And there's a whole list of them (for Girder and everything else) at
    this site: (Steve Forman) wrote in message news:<> ...
    > Well, X10 has done it again, once again making great hardware with
    > awful software.
    > The Lola software is much better than "Boom" was but that's not saying
    > much and it still does not support video.
    > So, does anybody know of a Girder/IRAssistant plugin or any other
    > software which will work with X10's new Lola remote?
    > Any help would be greatly appreciated.
    > Thanks in advance.


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      OK I ordered one. Same as I did the Firecracker kit and the Enertainment Anywhere in the past. I have not used any of X10's software with any of these and in most cases I haven't even used all the parts.

      Firecracker Kit - I hooked up the CM17A and even wrote a plugin for it but am not using it. I ended up just using the palmpad remote which is fine for the price I paid .

      Entertainment Anywhere - I have used the 2.4Ghz wireless A/V transmitter and receiver several times but have no continual need for it at the moment. It came with the MR26A and a 8-n-1 remote and I am using those and are definitely worth the price paid .

      So, this leaves me with Lola. I sure would like to get my HomeSeer with Media Player Plug-in working with my home stereo but my experience with wireless stuff is that it is fine in a pinch but last thing I want is for signal to fade while I have stereo turned up to higher volume. Still, it seems I would have some nice parts and pieces to partially accomplish my goal.
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        Thanks for the tip!
        Plug-ins: UltraMon, UltraM1G, UltraCID, Ultra1Wire, UltraLog, UltraWeatherBug, UltraPioneerAVR, UltraGCIR


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          Hey, thanks!!! I'm always one for next-to-nothing goodies! I'm sure I'll figure out something to do with this......


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            Yup. I got suckered in too. For less than $6 it's hard to resist even if it collects dust for a while.


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              It was all tempting up until the part where I had to give the most notorious internet advertiser my email address... Thank goodness for hotmail.



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                I ordered one as well. Who knows what I will do with it.

                If anyone knows any cool things that the Lola can do, please share them with us.
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                  Anyone know exactly what the "Direct Cable Pack" is?


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                    I'm a sucker for the free stuff too!
                    Here's a link to setting this baby up. Looks like you'd need a tx/rx setup to connect this to a tv in another room.
                    LOLA instructions


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                      Ahh... now I could use the A/V transmitter/receiver from the Entertainment Anywhere to connect Lola. But then I could have done that with the original Entertainment Anywhere hardware.

                      However, I needed the MR26A that came with that package for other HS uses. So, is the USB receiver MR26A compatibile I wonder? Not that it matters. The one I got works so that means the Lola hardware one could actually be used for its intended function.

                      I still want to hardware sound from PC but hav enot settled on the best (cheapest) method. I want good signal strength. Plus, I believe I am out of inputs on my stereo receiver unless I can run it through my cassette player's input (which I rarely use and could actually move to another room if I did use it again).

                      If I can find the specs, I will program a plug-in for the Lola remote to either work indirectly with Media Player Plug-in or mayeb we can see if Geoff will help us incorporate it directly somehow. Bottom line is that I want to avoid loading X10 software.
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                        Sold Out.... But they have a waiting list....


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                          Wow I ordered mine just 2 hours before your post and it was still in stock - must have been at the tail end.

                          Will this remote work with the WGL-800 ?

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                            They are still offering the free firecracker deal if anyone missed out on the last one???



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                              I bought Lola when it first came out mostly because i needed the 2.4 ghz AV transmitter and receiver.

                              I would never use 2.4 GHZ to send to my stereo system, I use the PC's optical out on a 12 ft cable.

                              LOLA software is kind of kool - it should work well on a touchscreen. It does come with a controller program that likes to start up each time and connects to the internet to d/l music info. After initial set up I turned it off. It kept sending/receiving stuff and X10 couldn't tell me why.

                              Remote has very limited learning capability. Don't remember if that was documented are not. Was able to get adequate control of JVC system w/ Directivo.

                              I actually liked LOLA but the biggest problem was the inconsistent MP3 info in my files. I would get all your file names and id3 info fixed first and then it really makes a nice little interface.

                              I also remember that w/ NVidia dual view LOLA has an option to run on the second monitor (TV)that works well.

                              Heck, I may put it on the touchscreen now since that has evolved into the multimedia (actually just MP3) PC.


                              I don't think the USB CM 19A is a replacement for thr MR 26A - aren't some people here using them to control Ninja's? So there is a HS plugin.

                              The direct cable pack is a complete package of INEXPENSIVE cables for connecting the PC directly to TV and receiver. I think there is a S-Video to composite converter included.

                              Jim: The remote working directly w/ media player would be way cool. I mean how many remotes have Artist/Album/Genre/Track/Playlist buttons (in color for us older folks) ?!