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    My wife said I didn't need roombas either. That she would vacuum. We are now the proud owners of an armada of Roombas, with their leader the Scooba. Between the 4 of them, they keep the house pretty well kept.

    1 roomba / floor and the scooba keeps the kitchen clean. One floor I share the top floor roomba as we don't use the bedrooms on the third floor. So, I just run the roombas in there once in a while, just to keep the normal dust off the floor.

    I highly recommend them.


    Originally posted by Laldaas View Post
    Attention phrase is: Computer
    Goodbye phrase is : stand by

    I just didnt like goodbye no reason at jus didnt like it.

    Rofl the older I get the more "Uber geek" I become.

    She is a keeper and we will be married..........Eventually, Basically when I grow some.

    I have every intention on doing what many of you have done with VR. I am simply playing with it for now to get an understanding for how all this works.

    Belive me I already have my eye on audio mixers and mics. I am in baby "Umber Geek"

    I just need to show my GF the keeper that it will have some pratical use. I am just starting off with some fun stuff. This way when I start dropping real money on this, Espeacily once we are married, It will be an issue but maybe it wont be an gigantic issue.

    For example I showed her the Roomba thread with the robotic vaccum. I said look honey we can work in vaccuming into HS. Her reply was "We dont need to spend money on that, I will vaccum and mop."

    I said where is the fun in that?
    Tasker, to a person who does like walking up to a Crack Treatment facility with a truck full of 3lb bags of crack. Then for each person that walks in and out smack them in the face with an open bag.


      Roomba Plugin...

      How cool would it be to find a way to interface those buggers into hs...... You could set them up with a cleaning schedule, maybe automate a specific cleaning task [with VR], etc.......

      Do not think its possible w/o added circuitry to the roomba, ive never had nor seen one, but it would be cool to use x10~!

      EDIT : Looks like i missed that roomba thread lol ::
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