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  • Homeseer & Lonworks

    I am still a novice compared to many people on here to Homeseer. I am a systems integrator for LONworks and have a few LON based products at home.

    Does anyone know if there is a plug-in or any other way that I can get HS to communicate with LON devices?

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    If it's got a serial port, then it can communicate with Homeseer either by scripting or a plugin. The major stumbling block (besides getting the interface written) is if the LONworks protocal is available to you.

    I remember seeing something about LON a long time ago, but with the new eve BBS, I can't seem to find anything with the search.
    My system is described in my profile.


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      Hi Steve,

      What LON based products do you have at home? Care to share?


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        Hi Joe

        I use a TAC Xenta 511 Webserver and a Xenta 301 LON controller. I control my heating using sensors etc through this and would like to be able to integrate them with Homeseer but unfortunately I dont have the programming know how.

        Do you use Lonworks equipment?