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Playing Movies?

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  • Playing Movies?

    So I got all this stuff, HS, the phone thing, x-10, z-wave and it all works really cool.

    I am looking at one of the touch screens for the theatre which will be cool but now I want to do something and can't figure out how.

    I have all my dvd's in ISO format on a server. When I want to play them I click the ISO and it's loaded to Dameon tools and and it plays perfecct. Now what I wouldlike to do is have an enterface on the touch screen that display a list of my movies. Then when I select one it plays. No here's the thing, what do I have to do to connect that to the tv?

    See right now I have a Microsft media center connected to the big screen and all my movies are in a list on there. Is there anyway to incorpoate this into the touch screen?

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    Couldn't you simply split the video output of the Media Center pc to a touchscreen? I'm not sure what this buys you though because media center is controlled via remote correct?


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      It is not important that I be able to use Media Center. It is done by a remote but that is on the tv. I am wanting to diplay my list of movies on the touch screen and choose them from there then having them play on the tv.

      I guess I'm just asking some opions on how to set this up.


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        If HomeSeer is on the same computer as your movie files, then you might look in the HS help files at the command hs.launch.
        You could setup an event using hs.launch to start a movie.

        Then using either the classic HomeSeer event page or the event page in Touchpad you can trigger the event to start your movie.
        In touchpad, you can assign images to the events, so you could get cover art for the movies to trigger the event.
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          I'm not sure but i thaught it is possible to generate a list from your files, along with the album covers and then display parse in onto a webpage, wich can be called from touchpad. Maybe with the media player plugin ???

          just my two cents...


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            How about Cinemar Main Lobby / DVD Lobby??

            They have a great forum .. . A good source on info on what this flexible software can do.


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              Check out the DVD Script written by Tom Caldwell and tweaked by Joe's Place. I'm looking for a similar functionality in that I have a 300-disk DVD changer and would like to be able to use a touchpad with cover art to select and begin playing a DVD. Although I'm not much of a programmer, I believe it could be done based on their script which already has EXCELLENT features.


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                <BLOCKQUOTE class="ip-ubbcode-quote"><font size="-1">quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by Bill Lott:
                Check out the DVD Script written by Tom Caldwell and tweaked by Joe's Place. <HR></BLOCKQUOTE>

                Tweaked???? Is that the credit I get? Wow, that sucks.


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                  Joe, you get no credit now, but in 20 years we'll give you a lifetime achievement award
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                    Not Good - now I've upset the master!

                    I apologize for my choice of words. No way I meant to offend!

                    Should I have said " took the vision and molded it into a perfect reality"? This is one of the best scripts out there, and one that I always use when I demonstrate my system to others.

                    My comments on your efforts are in the scripts discussion. You even made several enhancements at my request. Sorry for not giving this your proper do! If I've apologized enough, you'll see that I do have one additional request of the "master" in the original thread.



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                      No problem. I was gone from the board for about a month. This post happened to be the first one I read and it kind of hit me funny. Master? I don't think so. Big mouth would be more appropriate

                      John - 20 years you say, huh? Well, at least that will give me some time to work on a speech.


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                        MainLobby / DVDLobby with Homeseer plugin.


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                          In checking into the ML thing I discovered through helpful people on there forum that it is possible with ML Server to control the HTPC with haveing the ML interface on a touch screen and with the comming of HS two way plugin they are working on for ML I can now not only cotrol HS but I can also see the status of the devices.

                          Way cool!