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Homeseer backup question

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  • Homeseer backup question

    I was wondering what most of you do to back up your homeseer system in case of data loss. Before I upgrade to the newest version, I would like to back up everything just in case. I have too much to lose.

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    Hi Beach,
    I ghost my Homeseer machine at least once a month and burn it to cd or dvd. Then after any change to homeseer, I copy the full directory to at least one other drive. Sometimes I'll burn a copy of the Hs directory to cd between full ghosts.


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      Here are 2 different approaches (I use both)



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        I share the HomeSeer folder on my home network and use Windows XP MSBackup on a different machine to do a daily incremental backup to that other machine. This way the HomeSeer machine doesn't have to use CPU for script processing or running the backup program itself.

        BTW, I map the shared HomeSeer folder on my home network as drive H: which makes it very easy to tweak or copy new scripts from another PC without using remote connection software.

        I used to do a routine image but I have very little changes to the PC other than work done with HomeSeer so I only perform a drive image after installing new software.
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          I use a program called Second Copy 2000 to automatically back up all my machines every night. It's a very simple but reliable program.


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            I rolled my own, at least for now. I have a script set to execute daily that copies out my entire HS dir, compresses with rar, and then dumps it to a network share. Eventually I'll add in some registry exports for various HS bits as well. I can post it when I get home later if you're interested. I'm sure it would need to be modified quite a bit to work for anyone except me.