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Script or interface to control Snapstream/Beyond TV

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    Script or interface to control Snapstream/Beyond TV


    Calling all scripting gurus.
    I have a ton of my daughters movies copied onto snapstream. Then I have the snapstream output modulated onto my cable signal and can tune to my snapstream channel from any TV. Right now I can go to any TV and use the snapstream onscreen menues and start whichever movie she wants to watch. My wife asked why we can't pick up the phone and ask homeseer to play the movies, instead of having to find the remote bounce through the menus to start each movie.

    I'd like homeseer to interface to snapstream, so I can pick up any phone and say "play Cinderella" and it will start playing the movie. I have the way2call and voice stuff down, but I'm looking for ideas or a script/interface to get all the snapstream movies made into voice commands and a batch to start the movies.

    Any ideas?