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  • Rupp
    Scripts are used for things that normal events can't do. One good example would be to parse a web page for information, or to read data coming into the com port, or to interface with another piece of hardware/software on the HS server. The script files are stored in the scripts directory. The best way to get started is to look in that directory and play a bit with the scripts that come with HS. To run a script you normally create an event to trigger a script that is keyin into the scripts/speech tab on the event form.

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    I'm new with Homeseer, just about 1 week old now :-) Anyway, it seems to me that everyone here talking nothing but script, script, script here and there. Is script in Homeseer refer to a xml programming? Where do I put the script in Homeseer to run? It seems to me that everyone is using their script connect one thing or the other... I feel that I am missing a lot of fun and not fully using Homeseer, like running 4 cylinders when I am driving 12 cylinders race cars :-).

    What do you guys use the most in the script, just want to get some ideas to begin building my 12 cylinders race car :-)