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  • Got an Idea but not sure......

    So here's the thing. What we are trying to do here is the same thing as AMX and Crestron are doing. Only we want to do it ourselves without the hugh cost. (This is a basic overview.)

    But the one thing that always seems to be missing in these Home Grown systems is the interface.

    Example, My parents have an AMX system in their house which is cool, but I can actually do the same things with HS providing I have a little knowledge and a good support group (here). Evertime they add or change they have to pay someone to do it and I can do my stuff myself.

    But what I do not have are the fancy controllers. Now I have been toying with the idea of ordering one of the touch screens that HS offers but need some help figuring out what I want to do first.

    Where I want them.
    one in the ffront entrance
    one in the bedroom
    one in the theatre
    and one in the kitchen
    In-wall or table top makes no difference at this point.

    The problem comes in when I want to connect all these. The HS pc is in an office in the corner of the house. and it is not an option to connect all the monitors to one pc. This leaves the option of an individual pc for each screen. That idea is ok, but all the pc's would be in the office as I am not puting them in each room. Problem is some of the rooms are to far to be running a vga cable, let alone figuring out how to pull that cable in a standing house.

    With the AMX stuff all the touch screens, wireless and wired talk to a main unit. This is what I would like to do but can't figure out how. I mean is there such a thing as a monitor you can connect to a pc through ethernet?

    So I need a solution that fits my needs,
    1. Must be a touch screen
    2. No computer mounted in same room
    3. No Tablet pc's

    Now with the upcomming of the HS Media Center interface and Microsofts extender I will be able to control HS through my tv's. But all that is a ways off and I want the touch screens idea.

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    You can buy VGA Entender that will allow you to run a VGA monitor (and even ones that support a keyboard & mouse) over a cat5 line. But most touch screens I've seen require a serial interface or USB for the control. I have never seen anything that supported extending the serial port with the VGA port.

    The other option would be to look into POS (Point Of Sale) devices. This will cover items 1 and 3, the pc is now in that room since it is actually part of the monitor itself. If you would be running cat5 to the room for the monitor hookup, I don't see why you couldn't have the pc in that room anyway.

    Check out here for POS. You can get wall mount, table top, they even come wireless so you wouldn't have to string a cat5 cable. May be pricey as new, but try watching EBay for older models.

    The Pod


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      Why no tablet pc's?


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        You need to use a combination of tablet PCs and MainLobby software. With the combination of MainLobby and HomeSeer you can get functionality just like with AMX/Crestron.

        Also check their forums:
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          Well I appreciate all the answers guys.

          And I think with the suggestions I am going to try the vga extenders with the touch screens, and the mainlobby software. I have the ML stuff just haven't dug into it. The only prb I see there is I don't think ML can recieve messages from HS to know the status of a device. This can get confusing when there are multiple interfaces.

          But one further question. Does any one know of a touch screen that also has a tv tuner in it?


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            I got my Fujitsu 3400 from J&K ( )

            Good price, fast ship and good condition. I asked for W2K and they made sure I got it.

            I'm not affiliated with them in any way.

            Now if I could just get my hands on a High Use Cradle....