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ECMA 262 scripting standard

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  • ECMA 262 scripting standard

    Standard Scripting Language

    Has anyone ever looked at this scripting language? Similar to Java and would seem to be a step above vbscript.

    I have seen implementations of this in workflow tools.

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    Dang Steve it's hard enough to keep a handle on VB, VBscript, JavaScript, HTML, CSS, ASP, XML, XHTML, XSLT, SOAP, and XPath let alone have to learn yet another language.


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      My understanding is that it's basically JavaScript. They are making some minor changes and standardizing it. In fact Microsofts version of Javascript (JScript) is ECMAScript.


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        No, no. ECMAScript *is* JavaScript! Years ago Netscape handed JavaScript over to ECMA, so they are the official custodians of the "JavaScript" standard. People still call it JavaScript because that's what it's best known as. A bit like calling a vacuum cleaner a hoover, even though it could be an Electrolux or a Dyson. (At least in the UK we're stuck in this bad habbit!)


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          Javascript. When I read this it was a lot like it but I didn't realize it was the same. I guess VBScript is OK but I like the object orientation and actually I would really like to be back in a compiled language environment. It's so much each to really catch all the errors instead of waiting to catch them in the interactive mode.


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            Rupp, it didn't really seem like another language though. I guess since it's Javascript.
            I am still hopeful that Doolittle will get the Java stuff going. On the other hand, we shouldn't fragment the HS community into scripting language sets as it will diminish our sharing of ideas.