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  • Processor speed?

    I am currently running homeseer on a pc that has 701 mhz celeron processor.
    Homeseer runs really well on this machine this is also my main comp running accounts and e-mail etc.
    My problem comes when I use motion sensors I have the sensor on eg. A1 turning on light A2 via a Event in homeseer. but the light is very slow coming on.
    Would a higher processor dramatically increase the speed in which homeseer responds?
    thanks for your help

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    Probably not. If you are using a standard transceiver, there are some points of latency there. Maybe you could look into the WGL Designs W800 RF Receiver. I don't use one yet, but it seems to me that if the RF signal is sent directly to the PC (its a whole house transceiver right on your PC com port), that would speed things up slightly.


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      I have a W800 installed and things are still prety slooow?


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        Hum... I have a 2.8 GHZ processor and when I open my closet door and step in the motion sensor has already triggered and the light is on. Less than a second. Another test I tried was to open my back door which wet off a chime module. From the time the contacts are separated to the time the chime goes off is around a second. Sometimes a bit less.

        Do you have retransmit to power line checked for that particular house code? If so try turning it off and see if that helps. If not then a faster processor may very well increase your processing speed.


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          I can get it down to about a secound for one sensor if there is more than one sensor being trigered at a time then the comp CPU hits 100% and runs between 5 and 35%
          Time for a new comp I reckon


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            From detection of motion to the light coming on is just over 1 elephant (as confirmed by my 5 year old who spent hours working this out).

            Is CHAF ( Child Acceptance Factor ) on the list of acceptable acronyms.



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              Mine is at best 2 elephants usualy 3 sometimes they do forget!
              New very fast comp is being put together as we speak delivery in 4 days