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  • Event on variable and motion

    I used to have an event that triggered when:

    1) a virtual device was greater than 0 (the device tells me how many voice mail messages are waiting).

    2) When motion is detected in a room

    The concept: When you walk into the room, and messages are waiting, I want the voice mail message to be read. This worked flawlessly for me previous to having to rebuild from scratch. Howerver, I can't find a trigger based on a value being > 0. The only trigger is if a device value is X. Thus, I can't enter NOT 0, and I can't enter > 0. I know I had this going before, so I must be missing something here.

    Jay Fro

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    Jay Fro,
    If you select your trigger Type as "Device value Change" you will see the "Greater Than" option. Then apply conditions to trigger using the Conditions button to the right.


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      I should have been a bit more clear.

      Right now I have when motion sensor changes to on as the trigger. What I want is:

      "When motion sensor changes to ON AND V20 value is greater than 0"

      Its the V20 value that I can't figure out. It won't work the other way unfortunately because the purpose is to only trigger the event when new motion is detected and there are messages waiting.

      Jay Fro


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        I'm away from home but if I remember it correctly you have to put both as a conditions (not one as a trigger and second as a condition)

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          The problem is the conditions only give you the option of "Value Equals", not value greater than or value less than or value not equal.

          What is frustrating is I know I had this before. arrggghhhhh.

          Jay Fro