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Multiple devices with same code but different device type caused hangs

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  • Multiple devices with same code but different device type caused hangs


    I'm new to Homeseer and have found this forum a great resource. I'm not new to VB programming and ran across something I did not see reported after searching the forum.

    I had issues with Homeseer freezing about twice a day causing me to have to reboot. I found that the cause seemed to be two modules on the same house-unit code. One supported dimming and one did not. I have scripts that interacted with these devices.

    Once I put these on different house-unit codes the Homeseer hang problems went away!!

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    we will need more info.
    What modules, what codes, are you sending code when HS freezes,...
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      Yes yes more info.

      I put multiple devices on the same house/unit code all the time, but never two-way devices. I assume you're using two-way devices, since HomeSeer would not ever see what's going on out on the power-line otherwise. So please fill us in:
      What is your X-10 interface?
      What were the two device's model and manufacturer?
      What was HomeSeer trying to do when it hung, such as ON, OFF or DIM?
      Do you have a coupler/repeater?

      Thanks in advance for humoring my curiosity.


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        One device was a simple X10 Brand lamp module and the other was the X10 Brand RF Base Unit(not sure of model numbers). I was experiencing periodic Homeseer "hangs". I discovered the conflict when I sent a dim command and the lamp dimmed, but Homeseer status never showed it as dimmed. Soon after Homeseer hung. I then put these two on different Unit codes and Homeseer has run perfectly since then.