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  • Some PC advise please...

    O.K., so it's about time for me to start shopping around for a new HS server. I am debating if I would be better off buying a used Dell Poweredge 2300 with dual processors (500 MHz or better), 512 or more ram, with a built in raid array, or buy a new Dell machine P4-2.6+ GHz machine. I think I could probably get a 2300 server in good shape for under $400. On the other hand, a new machine (albeit on the skimpy side) could be had with XP pro for around $600. With dual processors does having a slower FSB still make that much difference? Would dual proceesors at a slower speed be preferable to a single with HT tech when it comes to VR? If I did go with the 2300 I'm a little unsure as to which OS to pursue. I have Win2K pro on a 600 MHz machine now and have had reasonably good success. I imagine I could use that on the 2300, right? I wouldn't have to use the Win2K server OS, would I? It's still early in my research and any advice is certainly welcome.
    Thanks in advance,

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    I upgraded my PC from AMD-380 to P4-2600 for 450$ in Europe by changing motherboard, memory a new harddrive, and a new graphics card. Found out that XP is extremely easy to install as it doesn't ask so many drivers as it seems, I find it a big step forward in ease of use.


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      Unless your running an application that is threaded the dual processors are not going to buy you a thing. You would be much better served with a larger single processor for use with HS.


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        I'm running a Dell Poweredge 2300 with Dual 600Mhz Processors, 512MB Ram, Perc2 Raid5 (6x73GB SCSI drives), redundant power supplies and a SDLT Tape Drive.

        I agree with Rupp that the second processor is not much benefit, but performance for me seems sufficient running HS with AT&T voices.

        Nice thing about the Poweredge server is that they're bullet proof and the SCSI drives last forever compared to IDE (the RAID makes it easy to deal with if you do have a failure), the unit is also rack mountable which was a requirement for for me and I manage rooms full of Poweredge gear at the office so I'm also quite familiar with it.

        I put mine together from Ebay for ~$500-600 which I think is quite a value. PE 2300's with the later BIOS will support up to a 1Ghz processor which leaves some room for upgrade as well.

        DOWNSIDE: If you're not familiar with this type of system you will be quite surprised by the amount of noise and heat they generated! The server will be fine tucked away in the basement/garage or in a closet if you can provide ventilation, but don't expect to have it out in the living area as it will be quite offensive (especially if filled with lots of SCSI disks!) If your limited with you placement, a regular PC might be a more sensible choice.

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