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    I am curious as to why I would use the script generated by HS script generator for the Rain 8 Sprinklers rather just setting up each zone in Homeseer as a device. If I set up as a device I would add an event to turn on and off the zone for the desired amount of time. It seems to me that this is the way to go and I have more fexibility in controlling the zones at various times of the day. Maybe I am missing something though since someone took the time to develop the script generator.

    Thanks for the help.


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    What is the HS Script Generator ?


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      HS Script Generator is a utility from the Rain 8 manufacturer that allows you to build a script for starting and stoping each zone of the sprinkler system. It looks to me like you build the script which is commands like start zone 1 wait 10 minutes then stop zone one then start zone 2 wait 15 minutes and stop zone 2 etc. Then you set an envent in Homeseer to run the script whenever you what it to run so it can run through the script.

      While I see this works it seems to me that I would lose alot of flexibility if I use the script rather that just setting up a device for each zone and controlling them independently rather than as a group with the script.

      Thoughts? Am I missing something here?



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        I don't think your missing anything. I think they did that for either people who didn't want to take the time a create an event per zone and also for those that may use a different automation package that do not have the event driven capabilities HS does.


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          I have been using it for a few weeks and like the global adjustments feature and the ability to have more than one script. Ex: irrigation test, regular schedule or whatever. It would be nice if it were more integrated with HS Web.


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            The global adjustment feature is required here in southern California. I water at 30% in January/February and end up at 100% in July/August. I couldn't do that easily with events.