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  • Which Remote?

    I have about 16 irrigation valves that I am operating using a couple of rain-8x controllers. I will be operating this with homeseer and am looking to get a remote control of some sort that will have the range necessary to operate things remotely. I might be up to 30o' away from the computer and need to turn something on.

    I have looked at this remote on the rain8 website but the fellow there with whom I spoke is not sure if it would be compatible with homeseer. Is anyone familiar with this particular remote and Homeseer?



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    This is just a plain ol palm pad remote. It you watch carefully enough you can get these for free in the free firecracker kit that has been giving away the last few weeks. 300 ft might be pushing it though unless you have a W800 receiver.

    You can get one here for $5.99