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  • Just Call Me GrandFather

    Will be a grandfather (first) in about sixty days. Would like a simple script or way to count down the days and display the results daily as a Virtual Device in Touchpad.
    Thanks, Michael

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    While I don't know about how to do everything you're wanting to do I know this will do the basics. Just cut and paste the code below into an ASP page and it will tell you how many days until the baby is due. In the code below just change 7/4/2004 to the due date. In this case, its only 66 days until my daughter gets here!!!!!

    Dim babyday
    babyday = Datediff("d",Date,"7/4/2004")

    <% response.write(babyday) %> days until the baby gets here!

    Just call me daddy, again!


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      Thanks fireball, this will help get me started.
      I know loui-ville well. Born in Frankfort (the other capital of KY) spent best years of my youth on 400acre tobacco/dairy farm in one traffic light Lagrange. My mother and all he family buried there. Thanks Again.


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        Water man. You a WildCat fan?


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          Happy to help out Water Man!
          I've only lived in Louisville for about a year and a half now. Moved here for work and absolutely love it. I've not made it over to Frankfort yet but am actually heading back up to Lagrange tomarrow morning to do some work for a client.
          Speaking of Wildcats, there's an arena football team that shares Rupp arena with UK's basketball team now. They're also clients of my company's and I've been lucky enough to be able to go all around that place now working on various internet access issues for them. Kind of cool walking out on the floor there! I even designed some of the ads/signs that were up there last season.


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            Cool Fireball. Does your company need any help? I was born in Loo-ville and moved to the "country" when I was 9. Returned to work there in 1992-1994 until Defense Mapping Agency closed our "field" office. Rather than move back to the Washington, DC area I found a job in Huntsville. I really like it here but it would be nice to get back to the Kentucky area. All of my family and my wifes family are there so we come that way quite often. I rarely make in as far as Loo-ville because my folks just recently moved to Bowling Green. Ah reminiscence. Oh yea this is a home automation BB. Send an extended r25 at that switch ....
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              No I'm not much into basketball, but you are right about "memory lane". Since the interstate system came thru, LaGrange is not a one light town anymore. Spent fair amount of time in Bowling Green as well.
              On a seer note, I have noticed you have an Ipaq and wanted to ask how you like it with HS. I am looking at the 2215 that includes so-called improved IR and comes packaged with Nevo remote control software. I like the looks of NetTouchpad and would of course add WiFi.
              Also do you have any ideas on my above post, countdown timer in Touchpad Virtual Device?


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                Waterman, Try this link, might be what your looking for.Maintenance ASP
                HS2PRO - Ocelot, SecuIR, Secu16, Attendence Management Alarm Interface, X-10, LCD Studio VFD Display, 3 Apexis IP Cams, Custom Software Interfaces, GMQ Geiger Graphing
                HS3PRO - Testing


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                  I would create a script that simply subtracts one from the number of days left. Like this:

                  first of all set the virtual device to the number of days remaining using a test event and key in &hs.setDeviceString "A1", "Days Until I'm a Grandfather:60"

                  Then after getting the device set run this script in an event that is reoccurring at about midnight or so.
                  sub main()
                  splDays = split(hs.deviceString("A1"),":")
                  daysRemaining = splDays(1)
                  NewdaysRemaining = daysRemaining - 1
                  hs.setDeviceString "A1", "Days Until I'm a Grandfather:"&NewdaysRemaining
                  end sub

                  Then all you have to do is tell Touchpad which device to display.

                  *Note: I'm away on a Basketball trip so I couldn't test the above code but it should be close.


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                    Hey Rupp,
                    Sorry but the company I work for is pretty small and hasn't hired any technical people in well over a year and won't be anytime in the near future. We're a pretty small place that I'm trying to push in automation without much success. Oh well, at least I get to do networking and some web design work.
                    Kinda funny that you moved away from Louisville for work but want to come back because of family. My wife and I moved to Louisville because I got a job here and thought it would be nice to get some space between us and our families which all live a couple hours away in Indiana.


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                      Rupp, I dont exactly why it works yet, but your script works great. Many thanks! Is there anyway to change the font color or size? Also I am most likely going to by an Ipaq 2215 with improved IR and Nevo remote control software and was wondering if you are using your Ipaq with HS.


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                        If you want a larger font just add something like this:
                        hs.setDeviceString "A1", "Days Until I'm a Grandfather:"&NewdaysRemaining

                        hs.setDeviceString "A1", "<font size=9 color=Blue>Days Until I'm a Grandfather:</font>"&NewdaysRemaining

                        You may have to experiment with the size and color.

                        As far as using the IPAQ. Work gave me one to work on a project and it's a 5555. I've only had it for a few weeks and haven't had time to really play with it at all. Heck I haven't even figured out how to load new programs on it.

                        What do you man by "improved IR"? What is Nevo remote?

                        So far I have only used it with HS using the browser and the touchpad plugin.


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                          Rupp, Nevo is remote software currently only available on small group of smart displays and PDAs. Check out these links:


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                            Water Man.

                            I purchased a IPAQ 2215 and a WiFi card for use with homeseer and had several issues:-
                            o The SDIO WiFi card was flimsy and protruded the top of the unit.
                            o The Wifi combo and IPAQ software was imature to the extent that every day I had to reset the IPAQ (I had this confirmed with both HP and the Card manufacturer).

                            So after struggling for a month I returned both units and went for the IPAQ 4150, essentially the same with the WIFI (and bluetooth) built in. In does everything that I expected. The one downside is that it doesn't come with the IR software but this isn't a problem for me.

                            Hope this helps.



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                              I purchased the 2215 over the weekend. Many of the down sides you experienced have been expressed by others as well. I am currently testing packaged Nemo remote as well as HS Touchpad and Photakis' NetTouchpad.
                              My unit may go back as well, but what I,m wanting is an "all in one unit" to control IR and HS thru WiFi that has some ability to customize. It is not so much the Nemo software I am after, but its the extended IR capability of the 2215. I have tested the remote in all my rooms, both straight and from and angle, and the IR has worked great.
                              I think what I really want is a Pronto Pro with WiFi that only cost $500. Not asking for too much am I?? Any Suggestions??
                              Thanks for your reply,