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How to figure out where an X10 signal comes from

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  • How to figure out where an X10 signal comes from

    Having a weird problem.
    I have a script triggered by an event to turn off all stuff in the house when we leave. It it set to trigger on X10 H16 OFF received. I am getting an H16 OFF but I can't determine how.
    Is it possible to get enough tracing data out of HS to determine where it came from?
    I need to know if it's powerline based, HS issued, or MR26 issued to get an idea where it came from. Driving me nuts as it turns out everything in the house. And it kills WAF.

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    How bout changing the trigger to G16 <g>


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      What is the log entry?


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        An easy test would be to disable your MR26A's H Housecode in its setup menu. This would see if it is RF Based. Then if you are still getting the signal, unplug your CM11A to see if it was coming in via the power lines. If it is still coming in, then its HS event based.

        Of course look at the HS log during these tests.

        I found a motion detector laying on the floor (during our unpacking, moving into a new home) was driving me nuts generating an "unknown" signal.
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          Trojan, changing to G16 isn't easy as this is in a Leviton swith coded for H15 in the first button. Guess I could change both but that just puts the problem elsewhere.