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  • What do I need?

    I have just recieved a couple of x10 cameras with the multiview software.
    what do i need to tie this in with homeseer?
    is it the cam pluginn
    also is it possible to control the Pan & Tilt camera mount via homeseer?

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    The WebCam Plug-In is one way to do it. I don't use those cameras or that plug-in, so I can't comment too much on them. ...Don't want to steer you in the wrong direction.

    As for Pan & Tilt, if you mean the Ninja base, there are a few threads on this board that discuss controlling it with HS. Yes, it's possible. Just do a search. This thread will get you started...


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      Thank you for that
      I have instaled the plugin and created a device for the ninja but nothing is happening?
      I didn't understand this part of the instal:-
      2) Register the ocx at a command line:
      regsvr32 hspi_CM19A_USB.ocx
      Where and what is a command line?
      thanks jim


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        jamesclabon: I'm flying blindly here... Like I said, I don't have/use that plug-in, but...

        Command line: Get to the command line by going to Start --> Run and typing cmd at the Open field. This will launch the command prompt. Then, at the promt, you'll type the command as instructed... regsvr32 hspi_CM19A_USB.ocx. This will register the plug-in.