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RF Noise

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  • RF Noise

    Recently I started receiving a large amount (every 1-2 secs) of spurious RF signals. In the log it reads "J (or B or L, etc.) Status Request". I thought my MR26A was at fault, so changed over to using W800 RF, but I'm still getting the signals.

    Any ideas of what might be generating these?

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    Have you turned on logging on your W800? It will tell you if they are actually coming from an RF source. I think 'Status Requests' come from the powerline, not from RF.

    Dick Masson
    HS PRO, WinXP, IE8, Shuttle XS35V3, 2.13GHz, 4GB, 40GB SSD drive, AC-RF2, ADIOcelot, Message Server, TI103, SNEVL CID, pjcOutlook, MCSTemperature, Powertrigger, BLBackup, BLFloorplan, BLIcon, BLOccupied, BLRadar, BLRfid, BLLogMonitor, ACPUPSD, UltraECM, WeatherXML & Stipus' script connector. 500+ devices, 260+ events, 1-wire weather station + temp/humidity sensors & Oregon Scientific temp & humidity sensors & 2 Brultech ECM-1240s


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      Dick, Thanks, you are correct it is coming from the powerline. Looks like I'll need to start searching for the offending appliance.