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Line-in switches to microphone

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  • Line-in switches to microphone

    I am seting up an Shure SCM810 mixer with PZM-11 microphones. The mixer sends a line level output to the sound card (SBLive!) and that's how I have it plugged in(blue plug). I set the recording input to Line-In in the Windows XP sound controls. Whenever I say the attention phrase, HS responds and switches the recording input to microphone, which of course stops all further VR. Does anyone know why/what is doing this and better yet, how to stop it?


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    I can't explain what might be happening on your system, but I have been successfully using line-in on a SBLive card for my VR for over a year now without any problems. Originally on win2k, and now on XP Pro SP1.



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      I'm not familiar with color coding so not sure which input is 'blue'. Sounds like it might be your "line-in" input from your description? Try plugging the output of your SCM-810 mixer into the "Mic" input on your soundcard instead...


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        Thanks Bill and Paul. I discovered that the microphone configuration for speech was defaulted to microphone and would switch to it after first use.