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XP Pro Automatic service don't start

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  • XP Pro Automatic service don't start

    This is not HomeSeer related, but I thought I would see if anyone has experienced it. My main PC (not HomeSeer Server) was having network issues. I couldn't browse my network but could remote desktop. I figured out that the "Workstation" service was not started though it was set to Automatic. I started it and everything was fine. Once rebooted, the service was stopped again. Then I noticed that 12 or so other services set to Automatic were not started. I checked my machine for viruses and none were found. Has anyone seen this? I'm not sure what do try next.


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    I could very well be wrong, but I thought "automatic" meant that the service would start when it is needed and not just start for no reason?



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      Your right, Automatic means that it will start when it is accessed (or on its own when rebooted). Tom, are you using DHCP or Static IP address? Have you changed the network settings or added another NIC?


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        As far as I know, "Automatic" means it will start directly after the reboot. However, no error message is shown when the startup fails. You have to open the services box to see the service is actually not running.




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          Any errors in the Event Viewer log files?


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            Check your TCP/IP protection settings, such as the Filtering section. And check your drivers are the latest for the NIC you have.
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              In XP, automatic means a service will be started at boot time. If a service that is set to automatic has not started then there is something wrong. The service control manager will record the error in the Event Log. How meaningful the error message will be varies greatly. In the log there will also be an EventID. You can lookup this code at The suggestions offered on that site are often much more helpful than those from Microsoft.