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    Forum getting an Error....

    Getting this error on the Applied Digital Forum when I try view a specific topic or post a message


    This module id (the mod=873105451 parameter) does not match any module set up on this site. We are unable to process your request.

    I am getting this on several forums. I thought the message board upgrade was only supposed to take a couple of hours? Something is broken, hopefully it can be fixed.



      Might be that this post should go in the 'this message board' forum, but ala

      For some messages/forums: when I click on a link, the message will open. If I drag the link to another browser (to open it there), I get the message that the module is not installed.

      Also, when I click on an URL-link inside a message, the referenced website opens up, unless it is a link in one of my own messages pointing to message. Then, all of a sudden, the 'edit screen' opens up and I can modify the refereced message.

      To try this out: 1) create a message on this board. 2) Create a second message and insert a URL poiting to the first message. 3) open the second message and click on the link. The edit window will now open.