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Ultimate Home Controller for your Main Control Center?

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    Ultimate Home Controller for your Main Control Center?

    I have been playing around with using an extended Windows desktop with multiple monitors. I temporarily (borrowed monitors/video cards from other PCs) added moe monitors and then dragged various plug-in control screens and web pages to different monitors. This was real slick (slick - circa?).

    It would be even better if the monitors were touchscreen. However, even when I do permanently add more monitors, I do not foresee having them all touchscreen and I bet I would soon get frustrated at the first time I tried to touch control one of the non-touch screen monitors .
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    My PC at work has dual monitors. It will absolutely spoil you. I am so used to having my development environment on one screen and the browser on the other. We use Win2K and the monitors are treated as one giant monitor.


      Jim, that setup sounds great! BTW - I think the kids would use the term "sweet"!


        I know at one time in the not to distant past the term was "bad".

        I have two monitors in my den and an A/B switch on one of them. Normally the switch is set for a large desktop as Rupp's. In the other position the monitor is connected to the homeseer computer. A KVM switch could do the same switching as well.

        It provides a large desktop for normal work and still a way to get to the homeseer pc without adding a footprint of a third monitor or some of the limitations of VNC/RD etc.

        I bought W98SE when it came out solely because of the dual monitor support so I could enlarge my desktop.


          I run multiple montiors too...once you start using them, you WILL NOT want to give them up! It is so helpful to be able to put code on one screen and the result on the other, or sometimes I will put music and IMs on one screen and work/browser on the other. So, only upgrade if you're willing to keep it forever!