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MusicMatch front end?

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    MusicMatch front end?

    I have seen web front ends for media player and winamp, but I can't seem to find any web front end for Musicmatch Jukebox.

    I use BrowseAmp mixed with HS, Touchpad, and winAmp to control my whole house audio and play my personal MP3's, but I also realy enjoy the musicmatch radio service for artist on demand, and artist match.

    I have a mediaPC that I can control through remote desktop and use the online spotlight version of musicmatch, but the response time is slow, and somewhat clunky over RDP.

    Has anyone seen another front end for this?

    If no other option comes up, I suppose I can fight with Girder and a custom webpage, but I was hoping for something as OUTSTANDING as BrowseAmp.


    Yeah I've wanted one for ages. I like MusicMatch because of the auto dj function. Other than that one feature I could use just about any other mp3 player. I investigated writing one but there is no API for MusicMatch like there is for WinAmp. I think the problem is that MusicMatch itself seems to be written using a commercial third party API, so they couldn't very well expose the API. The only other option is to try to use something like Girder to simulate keystrokes, etc... or write a custom playlist generator and use another piece of software.

    Mick Davis